Bossa Jazz Festival ! ! Check out the attractions

Are Coming festival jazz bossa beach kite, is this coming August 22. With national and international attractions, the event promises to shake up the old fishing village with sounds, high quality workshops, Thursday through Sunday with sonzeiras nerve musicians worldwide bursting in chords, scales and timbres that will swabs to our ears. are very welcome to paradise, which will now be much more musical. Come to Pipa and listen beyond the sounds of the waves, the winds. Come along on the attractions.

Among the artists who saw to expose her charms sounds that are among them:

Artur Menezes
Bossa & Street Jazz Band
Ivan Lins
Gustavo Cocentino & Blue Mountain
Babi Mendes
Duo Taufic
J Jackson
Sebastian Pitre
Stanley Jordan
Are attractions will surely burst and put the musical universe of Pipa in harmony that deserves corner. Guitars, voices, piano, woodwinds, percussion. What a beauty beyond nature is surely better than beer, or two.

Soon drop it programming with the times and days that IRAM roll all these attractions, workshops and all of that will roll cool Bossa Jazz Festival on the beach of Pipa.

See also the first story done by this blog about the festival on the link below:

And stay tuned in the next upcoming posts that will have many novodades about the festival.

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