What is the Pipa Beach

What is the Pipa Beach

After all , where it begins and where the beach ends kite , is a lonely beach or are several. According to Wikipedia the beach kite is preceded by the tip of the tree and succeeded by Love Beach . This geographical definition wikipedia was only considered the center of the beach .

Although quite respect the position of Wikipedia will consider this beach with a region , involving for example the beaches of Sibauma Tibau do Sul , Barra do Cunhau , among other places in this region

We of course make some observations . In the political sphere the beach kite is a district that belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul We are located approximately 85 km from the capital of Rio Grande do Norte in Natal .

Very popularly considered as the kite beach , the beach center, dolphin bay , the beach and the beach from the tree of love. It’s definitely a quartet magical tropical beaches . Each of these beaches will be quite detailed very soon, for the tourist , student, or researcher can use praiadepipa.org to get good quality content .

As already said well we will consider the whole region, as it would make sense to bring pictures , videos , information for only those beaches in the region since there are so many other beaches so beautiful that cm IRAM sure deserve much of our attention. The portal will bring detailed descriptions of all the beaches in this region .

One thing for sure we can agree with the free world is about the geological formations of the place , according to which the site says that the region is the meeting of two dunes imponentes.Você can check this page : pt.wikipedia.org / wiki / Praia_de_Pipa These dunes refer Cacimbinhas of the dunes and dune cruise that is in the center . In our photo galleries you can find these images .

But then what is the beach of Pipa ? Surely a unique place , full of history and charm . Be sure to follow our site . For in Pipa Beach you will find all information in this region

The beautiful Pipa beach

A pipa Pipa beach is undoubtedly unique. One of the paradises on this planet you have to know. With an array of stunning beaches attract tourists from Brazil and around the world. Much that is considered one of the inducers of Brazilian tourism. diversity of backgrounds like beaches, bays, rivers, lakes, forests and its wildlife has featured in Brazilian tourism. That’s why we have f

Our site will bring detailed information and always constants of all the buzz on the beach kite. Will be hosting tips with a comprehensive guide to hotels and inns. You can also find the best campsites, hostel, sports and sightseeing tips, learn about the ecology of the region the history of this unique place and full of stories. Photo Galleries Beach Love Beach kite, also known as the center of the beach, Dolphin Bay, a charming beach Madeley. Many stories about Sibauma, Tibau do Sul and many other places in our region.

The PraiadePipa.Org will bring a lot of information about the flora and fauna of the place, its night, the music and sounds that delight here knows what. Pipa has its charms, which are many, not the few. To know and meet, m do not like, just come to see.

Jazz Festival in Pipa Beach

Here comes the music festival of Pipa

The Jazz festival Beach Pipa unfortunately ends today, but will leave many memories, because the quality of the songs that came here brought to our region a verdeiro cultural melting pot that is worthy of the beach deserves.

There were several workshops, presentations official festival without counting spontaneous presentations that rolled here on the beach. Lots of quality music that comes back year.

Passed through here musicians internationally with Stanley Jordan and musicians of national impact with the widely Ivan Lins. Passed through here also Talent Kristal and various musicians from Latin America and the World.

If you did not come to this festival to stay connected Pipa is becoming the land of festivals, because here is the corner of the food festival, the book festival and more still to come. Maybe it will future festivals Dance, Theatre, Circus, folklore and other ideas that creative people have these lands.

Meet paradise and stay connected now Pipa is also the land of Culture.

Continue accompanied our blog with news of Pipa. Here you will be updated all the buzz in the region, not only in Pipa course.

Until the next post and be sure to visit this magical place, both with its natural beauty as for its culture.


Look Photographic Ludmila Carvalho

Explore Photos of a resident of Pipa

Ludmila Oak is a high school student and sometimes acts as amateur photographs, meet the gaze of fotog’rafico Ludila Carvalho, a resident of Pipa.

Your pictures are composed of everyday objects, beaches, people walking, flora andfauna more.

Launched and will soon in our website a complete gallery with many pictures of this littleartist. Still …

See some pictures that this girl has got and some of them will be part of the illustration of this website.

Our thanks also Ludimila to have shared some of their photos.

Schools of Pipa

Maturi The school is located in the center of Pipa, Tibau do Sul municipality è a school of the first cycle of primary school, with classes from first to fifth year.

At school Maturi you can count on ma team dedicated to teaching-learning, and a warm atmosphere in which various activities are held, from music lessons, ballet, capoeira, painting, storytelling and much May

The school also has a sports court for conducting games, games and other activities.

The director, Maria dos Prazeres, very dedicated to education, who is leading the school.

Surf Schools
A school that has been very prominent in this category is the OmenaSurf located on Lover’s Beach, this school stands out also for her work volunteer who performs with children, such as making physical activity. The library at the beach is also quite successful, since there that surf school also rolls a library quite interesting, besides being single library Pipa Beach.

Capoeira schools
The schools of capoeira may have been the first schools to get here on the beach. Today they are scattered throughout the city and already have hundreds of practitioners.

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Meet the Fish Inn in Bar Cunhau

Pousada dos Peixes - vem pra barra



Inn at the Fish Bar Cunhau is a haven of peace and tranquility. An inn standing in the sand, facing the beach, a place surrounded by greenery. A true corner to recuperate and enjoy nature.

By coming to the Bar Cunhaú you have to know is hostel, which is located in one of the best regions in the world to practice Kite Surfing. Good winds always blow here, and of course with good waters and angry look of dunes, reefs, mangroves and kills sandbank.

In the Fish Inn you will be close to it all. The inn offers rooms and suites, equipped with fan, double bed or twin beds, balconies with hammocks, internet, parking and 20 meters from the beach. Although the hostel is in the same sand. Only by knowing, here you just a little bit through photos, which gives you an idea, but sessação even just experimenting here.

The hostel is played by Tatiana and Mavi, a friendly couple who chose to live Cunhau Bar. There you can count on all the hosts hospitality deserves.

You also have to know the breakfast, which features several delicious products. With a diverse food you’ve prepared to wake up one day in this paradise.

Be sure to visit the Inn of Fish in Bar Cunhau.

For more on the beach informções click:

Bar Cunhau
you can access our page that has detailed information of this beach.

If you’re looking for a hostel in Cunhau go http://praiadepipa.org/pousadas-em-pipa

Stay tuned to our blog and till the next post


Tours in Pipa and the schooner Blue Sea


Melhor passeio da praia de pipa


There ‘s a hint of hot rides in Pipa , and the tip is : you can not fail to meet the schooner Sea Blue, which is certainly one of the best tours of Pipa . On this tour , you the chance to see dolphins is very great because the boat pass by the most beautiful beaches in the region , and beyond passing the Bay of Dolphins , which is the main point where these aquatic mammals like spending .

In our section of ecology has a special section dedicated to just dolphins , but now let’s go , it’s knowing the Mar Azul .

This tour is one of the most traditional Pipa and was designed by Mister , who is a former fisherman and today the region is dedicated to business trips in his boat that holds up to 70 people per trip lasting about 1h 30min , worth every minute .

The rate of the ride costs between R $ 35.00 to R $ 60.00 for groups can negotiate some kind of discount . Either way you can not miss this tour .

The tour left from the beach of Porto next to the beach in the center and the adventure starts there , because you will be brought to the boat ( schooner or as some prefer ) via a motorized raft . Everyone on the boat , although pro tour.

The boat will move at Pipa , passing as stated in Harbor Beach , passes through Dolphin Bay where the schooner takes a short stop for a swim in its waters . Indeed, it is in the bay of dolphins that are more sighted mammals . è almost certain that you will see them . And after the bath to stop the Blue Sea continues his walk to the beach towards the Log , where there is another stop for a bath.


Dolphins in Pipa Beach

Golfinhos na praia de Pipa



See the edge of Pipa via boat fantático is simply because there you can all the way around these beaches . That is why we consider this as one of the best boat trips in Pipa . Coming to our region , you can not miss this tour .

To contact or make a reservation you can call the following telephone numbers:

(84) 3246-2576 ,

(84) 9416-4927

(84) 9166-2200

Do not miss this amazing ride in Pipa . You will see that it will be worth every penny .

Until the next post, and stay tuned for our tips that will soon have Alot


Know of Love Camping


Camping do amor é o único com vista para o mar

The Love Beach is surely the best camping in the area. The Love Camping ! ! The only Pipa with view to March Situated on a cliff , has a breathtaking view of the reefs , cliffs , the plateau . It is certainly an amazing place . So here’s a tip of the day : Camping Know of Love .

It is an excellent option for those who want to spend little and stay in a place with visual angry , and very green and contact with nature , and maybe even get a visit from the stars that lion tamarins in various time comes to visit the campground .

Camping in love you will have exclusive access to Lover’s Beach , down the cliffs . It is a steep descent that may scare some and leave stoked the adventurous a bit stronger , anyway go there and take a look for it gives to face . We think it is a medium access , neither easy nor difficult. Anyway it’s worth a look.

The campground , besides the great location and stunning views to the sea, also offers several other facilities for you to just relax and enjoy your stay at Pipa . Amenities include the rental of tents , shady areas, WiFi internet , shared bathroom , shower and reserved collectives also an equipped communal kitchen , several points of light and energy around the campgrounds, plus an incredible diner with a menu quite varied for those just want to get a good . The cafeteria is Tsuname snacks that look good in front of a view you will not forget .

Pay a visit to Camp Love and do not forget to bring your machine , for surely the local nature will leave you open-mouthed and beautiful frames for your photo or video were not lacking .

Learn more about all the beaches Pipa this link :


and stay on top of all the details of the region’s beaches , such as what is good for swimming , which is good for surfing for beginners and what is good for those who already have experience in surfing, which beach has more movement and what are the more deserted beaches .

anyway , meet the Love Camping , there you will get many tips on what to do here . To learn where to stay in beach kite click the link below :

hoepedagem in kite
And stay tuned for the next posts PraiadePipa.ORG

Even more! !

Stay at the Oasis Inn

The hostel Oasis, is located in the center of Pipa, approximately 100 meters from the main beach. It is a hostel that offers comfort and quiet, with a very wide tariff you can get as your pocket can afford.

The people who work at Pousada Oasis work for you just relax and enjoy the most of this paradise. You’ll also find a personalized service where you can make multiple queries of the best restaurants in the region, the tours available, the characteristics of the beach area and much more. Of course on our website you will also find all this information and other amazing tips on rolling here in the region.

Soon it will be completely ready to host our section on our portal. With various pricing options and locations that the structure of the kite beach offers. As soon as he is ready section is write a post announcing that the section is ready.

At Oasis Inn, you will find suites, cottages and apartments, all with an infrastructure to receive you in a very pleasing.

Stay at the inn Oasis at the music festival which will roll in Pipa. The location of the hostel is great and is close to the main attractions of the event.

There you will find the Oasis amenities like parking, pool, hot shower, air conditioning in rooms, balconies with hammocks, internet WIFI, besides several other facilities that you can get a good.

To get in touch and make a reservation you can call them, or send an e-mail. Follow the information below so that you can get all your questions. So do not delay and contact us immediately.

Here are the contact information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 84 3246 – 2330

Bossa Jazz Festival ! ! Check out the attractions

Are Coming festival jazz bossa beach kite, is this coming August 22. With national and international attractions, the event promises to shake up the old fishing village with sounds, high quality workshops, Thursday through Sunday with sonzeiras nerve musicians worldwide bursting in chords, scales and timbres that will swabs to our ears. are very welcome to paradise, which will now be much more musical. Come to Pipa and listen beyond the sounds of the waves, the winds. Come along on the attractions.

Among the artists who saw to expose her charms sounds that are among them:

Artur Menezes
Bossa & Street Jazz Band
Ivan Lins
Gustavo Cocentino & Blue Mountain
Babi Mendes
Duo Taufic
J Jackson
Sebastian Pitre
Stanley Jordan
Are attractions will surely burst and put the musical universe of Pipa in harmony that deserves corner. Guitars, voices, piano, woodwinds, percussion. What a beauty beyond nature is surely better than beer, or two.

Soon drop it programming with the times and days that IRAM roll all these attractions, workshops and all of that will roll cool Bossa Jazz Festival on the beach of Pipa.

See also the first story done by this blog about the festival on the link below:


And stay tuned in the next upcoming posts that will have many novodades about the festival.

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