Here comes the music festival of Pipa

Vem aí o festival de música da Praia de Pipa

The music festival Beach kite will start next day 22/08 and will have several national and international attractions. O tima news for hotels, hostels and other types of accommodation that are reserves in full swing and so moving the local economy.

This festival is of great importance as it brings a quality tourism based on cultural movement, ie, we have this time many tourists eager to consume culture. Thus, this is an example of how we can qualify without having to appeal to a predatory tourism.

The festival will include concerts, workshops, discussions and more. beyond the official agenda, many will roll showszinhos here and there, since such an event brings a lot players coming to appreciate. Great time to share experiences, learn from what’s coming.

In this post, our focus is just to say we are really happy with a festival like this. In the next post we will bring all the attractions that will roll here in Pipa and complete schedule.

Of course, anyone who comes to this event can not let go of those magical places that this ecological sanctuary offers since our beach is really beautiful.

So stay tuned to our blog today to put the entire festival schedule. Then you have to take advantage and enjoy great sounds relaxing waters of this paradise.

And until next post!!

Coco Zambê – Sibaúma the Cabiceiras

O Coco de Zambê na praia de Pipa

The Coco Beach in Zambê Pipao poop Zambê is a rhythm native of Rio Grande do Norte, which survives today in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, in the districts of Pipa, and Sibaúma Cabiceiras. Cabiceiras well written in the drums master this rhythm of our region.

The PraiadePipa.Org will do a survey of how the rhythm is in our region. This is just the first of several articles on the Zambê.

The coconut is the component Zambê African culture survives today in Natal. Its origins have several versions, from references Cascudo and Mario de Andrade, to modern authors who have lectured on the subject, as is the case of  Dacio Galvão and Ciro de Almeida Lins.

The truth is that the pace is frenetic mix various percussion instruments with a impromptu dance in which men make their performances.

We will also see who your current brincantes, their instruments and choreographic developments. We will meet in detralhres the places that are practiced, as in Sibaúma, Pipa, Lagoon Guarairas Pernambuquinho, Cabiceiras and Piau. We will also see a bit of Zambê Macaíba, seeing that Zambê is a strong cultural component and not political in our city, but also of their own and other Rio Grande do Norte.

Let’s getting warm leather, confeccionamento dick stuck in and prepare for the drumming and dancing. So come along and let Zambear!!

See this video produced by the amazing Antonio Nobrega

Meet the River Gallardo

Meet the dashing river to visit the beach of Pipa


The river is a destination gallant little sought by tourists visiting the beach of Pipa perhaps be against the most popular beaches in the region . It is a place most visited by those who live in the region , because its sweet and refreshing water is a real relief in hot weather . The river of the Gallardo is also a great spot for those looking for a safe place to bathe can because its waters are very calm and depth of the river does not vary much , being mostly water fails to pass the navel . There are , of course , places where the river takes on a greater depth . On site there is a bar where you can buy beer, soda and some snacks like strip taste. There you will be able to get a good , sit on stools own after treetops great and they offer a beautiful shade for you to be a good and just relax . To get to the river Gallardo you should take the road that goes all the way Sibaúma pass the Bar of the Tower and enter the first dirt road to the right. Soon after about 200 yards you will be well on the bed of the Rio Gallardo . Also a great place for you to meet our region ‘s mangroves , since this stretch of the river there is still a great influence of the tides , which makes the flora and fauna is Typical mangrove transition . In this part of the river is very common to find different types of lizards , as well as the present lion tamarin star. Crabs can also be found even if you are downriver . Birds such as swallows , wise , caracara hawk , well- te-vis and hummingbirds are also quite a few in the region as well as across the beach kite . By visiting the river Gallardo , do not forget to collect your trash to keep this temple more preserved so that future generations can have the pleasure of enjoying this place so special . Carry a tote bag so you can take it back and of course , it can not hurt to collect what others have left behind . When it comes to Pipa be sure to visit the river Gallardo Until the next post

The Dolphin Bay Avenue

The Pipa Beach is well known for all its beaches , but it’s just that this wonderful place can offer. The fauna and flora worth mentioning in this plac so privileged . Culture is another strong point of this place is much visited by people of Brazil and the world . Anoite this place is a standout piece in our beach and in this series we will do about the highlights kite let’s talk of the night , its streets festivals, ballads and luais .

A night at the beach kite is extremely rich and interesting , because in the streets for several artists in diverse areas, from circus performers , musicians , painters , artisans and others ee’na avenue bay dolphins the main place that these artists meet. This central avenue are most of the bars that night serve as point you guys enjoy the ballad .

At Dolphin Bay Avenue you know the guys and learns all that is to roll on the beach of Pipa , is surely the nerve center and the region’s cultural , beyond what ‘s in this street an architecture very special , she being a miscellany of types and forms , which is not surprising because in Pipa what else has is the meeting of cultures , both people in the world being very foreign , mainly from Europe , and people from all parts of Brazil , without forgetting of course the people who are here . There is a great cultural gathering , custom and ways of doing what makes this place truly a cosmopolitan corner even if it is just a village with approximately 15,000 inhabitants .

At Dolphin Bay Avenue there are many shops so you can do your shopping in various products kite and the world . There are many restaurants that are on the avenue Dolphin Bay and will be detailed in the next post where they are, how they are and what these restaurants . You can not fail to follow our blog and find out the best tips on what happens on our beaches . After all , the beach is a paradise for kite dolphin bay and deserves a full role in this paradise that you should visit .

Our next posts will talk dunes , cliffs , reefs and more. For now the hint that fic is this: if you are in order to enjoy the night or want to learn new things rolling on our beach , the tip is go avenue bay dolphins and to fit in with the crowd that there is the center of everything what goes .

If you want tips on lodging, tours restaurants or anything else please contact us by email or leave a comment [email protected] we retronaremos as soon as possible .

Be sure to also say what you think of our story on the avenue Dolphin Bay

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Great beach of Pipa

Soon this space will bring you news about the complete paradisiaca to kite.

Do not miss the opportunity to get their hands on the best opportunities reservations, tours restaurants, beaches and more.

The beach of Pipa is a paaíáiso that awaits you. Comes more to know about this wonderful place