Schools of Pipa

Maturi The school is located in the center of Pipa, Tibau do Sul municipality è a school of the first cycle of primary school, with classes from first to fifth year.

At school Maturi you can count on ma team dedicated to teaching-learning, and a warm atmosphere in which various activities are held, from music lessons, ballet, capoeira, painting, storytelling and much May

The school also has a sports court for conducting games, games and other activities.

The director, Maria dos Prazeres, very dedicated to education, who is leading the school.

Surf Schools
A school that has been very prominent in this category is the OmenaSurf located on Lover’s Beach, this school stands out also for her work volunteer who performs with children, such as making physical activity. The library at the beach is also quite successful, since there that surf school also rolls a library quite interesting, besides being single library Pipa Beach.

Capoeira schools
The schools of capoeira may have been the first schools to get here on the beach. Today they are scattered throughout the city and already have hundreds of practitioners.

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