Tours in Pipa and the schooner Blue Sea


Melhor passeio da praia de pipa


There ‘s a hint of hot rides in Pipa , and the tip is : you can not fail to meet the schooner Sea Blue, which is certainly one of the best tours of Pipa . On this tour , you the chance to see dolphins is very great because the boat pass by the most beautiful beaches in the region , and beyond passing the Bay of Dolphins , which is the main point where these aquatic mammals like spending .

In our section of ecology has a special section dedicated to just dolphins , but now let’s go , it’s knowing the Mar Azul .

This tour is one of the most traditional Pipa and was designed by Mister , who is a former fisherman and today the region is dedicated to business trips in his boat that holds up to 70 people per trip lasting about 1h 30min , worth every minute .

The rate of the ride costs between R $ 35.00 to R $ 60.00 for groups can negotiate some kind of discount . Either way you can not miss this tour .

The tour left from the beach of Porto next to the beach in the center and the adventure starts there , because you will be brought to the boat ( schooner or as some prefer ) via a motorized raft . Everyone on the boat , although pro tour.

The boat will move at Pipa , passing as stated in Harbor Beach , passes through Dolphin Bay where the schooner takes a short stop for a swim in its waters . Indeed, it is in the bay of dolphins that are more sighted mammals . è almost certain that you will see them . And after the bath to stop the Blue Sea continues his walk to the beach towards the Log , where there is another stop for a bath.


Dolphins in Pipa Beach

Golfinhos na praia de Pipa



See the edge of Pipa via boat fantático is simply because there you can all the way around these beaches . That is why we consider this as one of the best boat trips in Pipa . Coming to our region , you can not miss this tour .

To contact or make a reservation you can call the following telephone numbers:

(84) 3246-2576 ,

(84) 9416-4927

(84) 9166-2200

Do not miss this amazing ride in Pipa . You will see that it will be worth every penny .

Until the next post, and stay tuned for our tips that will soon have Alot