What is the Pipa Beach

What is the Pipa Beach

After all , where it begins and where the beach ends kite , is a lonely beach or are several. According to Wikipedia the beach kite is preceded by the tip of the tree and succeeded by Love Beach . This geographical definition wikipedia was only considered the center of the beach .

Although quite respect the position of Wikipedia will consider this beach with a region , involving for example the beaches of Sibauma Tibau do Sul , Barra do Cunhau , among other places in this region

We of course make some observations . In the political sphere the beach kite is a district that belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul We are located approximately 85 km from the capital of Rio Grande do Norte in Natal .

Very popularly considered as the kite beach , the beach center, dolphin bay , the beach and the beach from the tree of love. It’s definitely a quartet magical tropical beaches . Each of these beaches will be quite detailed very soon, for the tourist , student, or researcher can use praiadepipa.org to get good quality content .

As already said well we will consider the whole region, as it would make sense to bring pictures , videos , information for only those beaches in the region since there are so many other beaches so beautiful that cm IRAM sure deserve much of our attention. The portal will bring detailed descriptions of all the beaches in this region .

One thing for sure we can agree with the free world is about the geological formations of the place , according to which the site says that the region is the meeting of two dunes imponentes.Você can check this page : pt.wikipedia.org / wiki / Praia_de_Pipa These dunes refer Cacimbinhas of the dunes and dune cruise that is in the center . In our photo galleries you can find these images .

But then what is the beach of Pipa ? Surely a unique place , full of history and charm . Be sure to follow our site . For in Pipa Beach you will find all information in this region